Guest Comments January 2013

Read what our guest say about there stay at the dive resort Raja4Divers in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.



Katrin & Christian - Germany

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dive raja ampat, tauchen raja ampat
birthday indonesia, birthday celebration
Katrin celebrating her birthday

Kriss - USA

Thank you all for a fantastic week. Everything was perfect. I am very impressed with what you have done @Raja4Divers. Your attention to detail and the quality of your guest's experience is the best!

I am especially awed by the craftsmanship exhibited in the buildings, furniture and art. The food was fantastic. Thank you for the Schnitzel. I had a great time.

Kriss - Boise, Idaho

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Kriss exploring island Fam


Gill & Derek - UK

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Read their review on tripadvisor

A great end to a wonderful month in Indonesia. Soon got used to the flintstones bathing & actually found it quite fun! Armin was a great coach to a nonie photographers aid - thank you Smile. The staff were really & truly helpful, from Jakobus to Eddie Murphy & everybody in between. Particuler fun was the local 'Starbucks' - little did you know I actually work for Starbucks!!

Thanks all, a memorable stay.

Derek & Gill - London

island fam, pulau fam, fam raja ampat, island raja ampat
Derek & Gill on the hill of Fam island
dive resort indonesia, raja ampat resort, lodge raja ampat
Relaxed and ready for new adventures!

Krista & Johnny - USA

Raja4Divers has been the BEST diving in the whole WORLD for us! Both down under & topside, we have felt like ROYALTY here & we are happy with our decision to celebrate our honeymoon here! Your staff have been incredibly welcoming and warm - thank you all for your great attention to the many details that made for a wonderful week here! We only wish we could stay longer!

Love & best wishes

Krista & Johnny Munster
Minneapolis, Minnesota

pulau pef, guest arrival, main jetty
Krista & Johnny arriving at Pulau Pef
dive raja ampat, dive indonesia, indonesia diving
Let's go diving!
departure pef, holidays raja, raja ampat resort
Time goes so fast. Johnny & Krista leaving Pef


Dan & Alex - USA

This couldn't be a more glorious, memorable place. Everyone was courteous, helpful, friendly and professional.

Every dive more spectacular than the one before it and all the marine life so diverse and unique.

Add to that the glorious birds, the roar of the sea and the wonderful sculptures around every corner.

We can't wait to come back.

Dan & Alex Cohen

island raja, raja island, raja ampat island
Alex & Dan arriving at Pef
diving raja, raja ampat diving
transfer boat, raja ampat transfer, longboat raja
Dan and Johnny picked the best places on Pef V

Mark Erdmann - USA

mark erdmann, fish geek week, biodiversity
Mark returning from a dive


The Fantic Group - Switzerland

Judith & Tom, Susanne & Peter, Marlene & Peter, Benjamin, Markus

group holidays, raja ampat, dive resort, island holidays
The whole group with two of their dive guides
new year raja ampat, new year indonesia, new year west papua
Watching the performance at New Years Eve
local performance raja ampat, dancing raja ampat, fire west papua
Dancing into 2013
food west papua, eating raja ampat
Thubi, Marlene and the Pizza
dive guide raja ampat, dive guide indonesia
Peter and Marlene with dive guide Danil
raja ampat restaurant, restaurant dive resort, dive resort drinks
Markus in the restaurant

Selten hat ein Jahr so schoen angefangen! Das Tauchen, die Szenerie einfach Top --> Ferien vom Feinsten!


beach west papua, remote island raja ampat
Markus found a nice place for a rest
fam island, island penemu, island raja ampat
Benjamin on the hill of Fam island
island pef, island raja ampat, dive resort
Susanne and Peter
beach raja ampat, island raja ampat, raja ampat resort
Benjamin posing at the beach
party raja ampat, party west papua, party indonesia
Tom celebrating New Year with Herman and Karel
raja ampat jetty, raja ampat dive resort, raja ampat scuba
The organizers of the tour - Judith and Tom - with dive guide Noldi